Our Story

Humble Beginnings, Bold Flavors

Growing up, my mom was the culinary epicenter of my world. Whether she was making her famous coconut cake for friends, or making me the simple meals that defined my childhood, those memories sparked a love for cooking. 

Fast forward to today, after having graduated from culinary school, interning at a Michelin star restaurant and making memorable meals for my own children, I began to concoct some interesting creations as Christmas gifts for friends and family. 

Tapping into my Hispanic roots, I decided to try mixing the heat of spicy Jalapeño peppers with the sweetness of red peppers into a jam I could use for cheese plates, savory dishes and more. 

My hope, is that I can share this delicacy with every one who enjoys pampering themselves with something delicious and eclectic, and who could use a kick of spice in their life.